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Professional Negligence

We help attorneys and doctors who are being investigated for professional violations that affect their licenses.

Car Crash Accidents

If you need an attorney who can help you get the payout you deserve, give us a call.

Police Brutality

If you have been injured by the police and need an attorney to help, we have extensive experience in cases like this!

Personal Injury and Civil attorneys in Las Vegas.

A serious personal injury can be the most devastating event in your life. Serious bodily injuries can destroy a family through financial drain and emotional stress and sheer pain and suffering. The fast pace of life and work in LasVegas, NV created an environment where accidents happen too frequently. Sometimes hotel and casino
owners can get relaxed about maintaining safe conditions for guests and workers, the result can be a serious injury that should have and could have been prevented.

Potter Law Offices has over 3 decades of helping victims and families that were hurt because an individual or a business was careless. Las Vegas injury attorney Cal J. Potter III is up to the task of championing your rights and obtaining the highest possible compensation for your injuries. There is no substitute for an experienced lawyers with steadfast dedication to each and every client.
Cal focuses on negotiating and litigating personal injury, medical malpractice, professional negligence, criminal defense, and police and security misconduct cases in Las Vegas and throughout Clark County Nevada. The law firm has particular expertise in handling auto accidents, wrongful death and traumatic brain injuries (TBI), as well as civil rights violations. Our criminal defense practice spans all felony, misdemeanor and juvenile charges, from DUI to murder.
When the unthinkable happens and you or a family member is badly hurt and can’t work due to the negligence of another, you can depend on the knowledgeable and skilled attorneys at Potter Law Offices to take every action necessary to get you the compensation you deserve. Initial consultations are always free.​

Breaking Through the Law Enforcement Code of Silence
​It’s a troubling fact some police officers in Nevada behave in ways that may be considered wrong if not absolutely illegal. Many people who have been mistreated by an officer wonder if police officers ever actually go to jail for their crimes. The Potter Law Offices has helped individuals who have been victims of police brutality. One of of major cases was even featured in the Huffington Post recently.

It is possible for police to be imprisoned if they commit a crime. However, it isn’t always easy to prove police misconduct. That’s why some victims also pursue a civil case against the individual officer who treated them unfairly and perhaps also against the police force or government agency that employed the officer. These can be genuinely tough cases because law enforcement has a tendency to stick together. As the saying goes, they tend to take care of their own, and if that means observing a code of silence or closing in the ranks, then they are usually prepared to do so.
Prosecuting police misconduct requires an Nevada attorney who isn’t afraid to be aggressive. It’s also helpful to be extraordinarily persistent and to use advanced investigative techniques. It is possible to bring a civil lawsuit against a police officer, and our Nevada law firm can do it. If you are a victim of police misconduct, give us a call today. We’ll review your case before giving you our perspective on how to proceed. Our experience, legal knowledge and dedication to justice set us apart from other Las Vegas lawyers. We are not afraid to go after authorities who abuse their position and oppress the citizens of Las Vegas and Nevada.

With over 30 years of experience, we are there for you!

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Professional Misconduct

Your professional career can be at risk if you lose your accrediation. We specialize in helping professionals with their cases.​

Car Accidents

Have you been injured in a car accident? We can help individuals get the help and representation they need!

Police Misconduct

We have dealt with dozens of cases involving police and prison brutality. We can help you in your case.​

Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury can alter your life. We work hard to help you recover the funds you need to be taken care of long term.

Sealing of Records

Do you need to get a charge cleared from public records and sealed? We are experts in this complicated procedure.

Criminal Defense

Have you been accused of a crime? We are specialists in criminal defense law. 

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