Professional Personal Injury Lawyers

crash2-300x199The Potter Law team knows that you cannot put a price on pain and suffering, but we are also aware that the recovery and lost wages from missed work can be extremely costly and so that’s why Mr. Potter is dedicated to securing the maximum settlements for his clients.

Personal injury takes many forms and in a city like Las Vegas that is open 24 hours, there are even more opportunitities for carelessness and neglect to cause incredible personal damage in places like clubs, casinos and in other public venues. When a case of neglect causes catastrophic injury and even wrongful death, the victims suffer from no fault of their own. Potter Law Firm believes that justice should prevail in situations like this, and Mr. Potter has the experience and skill for the extensive litigation if that’s what it takes to secure the best settlement.

Areas that are represented by Cal Potter are incidents of traumatic brain injury, medical malpractice, complicated DUIs NRS 484 and personal injury as the result of corporate negligence such as in one of the hotels or gaming halls. Mr. Potter also has the skill and experience to correct legal mistakes that were made by inexperienced lawyers who were really just “learning” on your time.

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