Which Injuries Are Severe Enough to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

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Not every injury requires the services of a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer. Tripping on an uneven sidewalk or experiencing a slip and fall at your mechanic’s garage may leave you a little sore for a day or two, but it’s generally not worth pursuing a personal injury claim.

That’s because insurance can usually cover most of the financial damage associated with such minor mishaps. However, if you are involved in a more serious incident, then you may want to seek the advice of a Nevada personal injury attorney.

In most cases, the injuries you received must be severe in order to make it worthwhile to pursue legal remedies. If you’ll be undergoing a healing process that requires a year or more, then you definitely want to consult with an accident attorney in Las Vegas. Further, if you received a permanent injury from which you will never fully recover or if your quality of life will be significantly altered for a long while, legal remedies may be in order.

It’s difficult for the average person to determine whether or not they should file a personal injury lawsuit. Fortunately, you can count on the legal advice of the Potter Law Offices. They’ll review your situation, and they’ll let you know if you have a good chance of succeeding with a lawsuit.