Incurring Negligent Infliction Causing Emotional Distress

mental illnessMental and emotional distress is an extremely difficult and extensive case to prove in court, but if you or a family member is suffering because of the negligent actions of another, which has caused either of these states, Cal Potter and his detailed law firm have extensive experience to provide superior results in cases such as these.

Mr. Potter typically attains outstanding results fo the victim and also those who are closely related. Some courts require that the bystander must actually witness the event and the negligent actions, but Mr. Potter obtains positive results even if the bystander saw the event after the fact.

Some specific cases where the victim may recover damages are unwholesome food served and consumed by the plaintiff, mishandling of a corpse, stress inflicted on a pregnant plaintiff and emotional distress caused by defective products.

There are physical signs that manifest in relation to the negligent action that creates emotional stress, and they include stomach pains, digestion, headaches, vomiting, loss of appetite, loss of weight, sleeplessness, fatigue, nervousness, chest pains, nausea, memory loss and crying spells. These indicators must be closely monitored by a physician and the law firm that has the specialized skills; it is imperative that this medical information be handled efficiently and accurately. Cal Potter is an aggressive and qualified trial lawyer who provides superior legal services for traumatic brain injury as well as severe emotional distress.