NRS Numbers Define Every Law in Nevada

CJ_picThere are some legal cases that the average lawyer cannot represent simply because they do not have the skills and talents in the legal procedures that Cal Potter has developed over the 30 years. The Potter Law Firm specializes in cases with the most difficult or unusual circumstances in criminal cases such as wrongful death from accidents NRS 200, traumatic brain injuries, misrepresentation by a police officer or security personnel, grand larceny NRS 205, burglary NRS 205, DUI with death or injuries NRS 484, assault NRS 200, felony murder NRS 200, assault NRS 200 and more.

When your case or the case of a family member or friend appears impossible, you can turn to Cal Potter for help. The Potter Law Firm is a focused team of legal experts that have the experience of winning millions of dollars for their clients in lawsuits that the average lawyer could not adequately represent. In some instances, there may be several parties that Mr. Potter must hold responsible in court and this requires excellent trial skills.

If you have questions on the NRS code or your rights in your case, contact the Potter Law Firm either by phone or by sending an email from PotterlawOffices for a free consultation. You deserve the best!