The Most Difficult Nevada Revised Statutes

Cal PotterThe Nevada Revised Statutes are the NRS codes that provide the definition of crimes that are defined by the state of Nevada. Every violation is identified by a code and each must be addressed in court. When there are several alleged charges, the case can be very confusing and an expert lawyer like Cal Potter is required.

There are several thousand codes listed in the Nevada Statutes, and each statute must be addressed in court. This legal process is what the Potter Law Firm specializes in. Cal Potter has been practicing criminal law for over 30 years, and with his team of legal experts and his skilled representation in court for each client is a winning combination for a difficult and confusing case.

With an experienced trial attorney who has an extensive record of winning high settlements with extremely tough situations, you can have confidence that you are being competently represented by Potter Law Firm. When several charges are made against the client, it takes a skill and proven trial experience like Cal Potter has developed over the years.

The Potter Law Firm specializes in representing clients who typically are caught in the most serious NRS codes or combination of codes, such as NRS 484 Drug and DUI accidents, NRS 465 Casino Fraud, 484 Manslaughter, NRS 200 battery or grand larceny and many more.

If you are overwhelmed with your case, contact Potter Law Offices for a free consultation immediately.