Playground Accidents Can Lead to Liability Claims

Empty playground swing with children playing in the background concept for child protection, abduction or loneliness

Exploring and playing are large parts of growing up, and as any parent knows, part of that process involves the playground. Kids love climbing on the monkey bars and playing on the swings, but what happens if your child gets seriously hurt while on the playground?

A number of factors may be responsible for playground injuries. Trip hazards, improper protective surfaces, inadequate equipment spacing and protrusion hazards are just a few. It’s possible that several parties may be held liable if your child was injured on the playground. Negligence may be proven if a personal injury attorney can show that a party failed to properly maintain the playground when they had a duty to do so. On the other hand, a product liability claim may make sense if there was a problem with the equipment’s design or installation.

An injured child is every parent’s worst nightmare. You can defend your child’s right to a safe playground by making a playground liability claim. The personal injury attorneys at the Potter Law Offices are committed to keeping society’s youngest members safe. Sometimes that means filing a product liability or negligence claim after a child has been injured on a playground.

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