Consumer Protection in Product Liability Lawsuits

3D Crossword Product Recall on white background

Product recalls are fairly common. They usually happen when a company discovers that their product poses some kind of a threat to the public. It might be a food product that was exposed to E. coli bacteria or a child’s toy that poses a swallowing hazard. Everything from automobiles to baby food has been recalled at one time or another. The practice is meant to protect the public. Unfortunately, sometimes recalls are issued too late.

Companies are responsible for producing items that are safe for consumers, especially if those products are used in the intended manner. Warning labels let consumers know the risks of not complying with proper usage, but things can still go wrong. A design flaw or a manufacturing defect can make even the most benign product dangerous.

If you have been injured by a defective item, then you may be able to make a product liability claim. These lawsuits are typically complex matters. Fortunately, the defective product attorneys at the Potter Law Offices have significant experience with helping people who have been hurt through no fault of their own.

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