Car Crash Victims Need Aggressive Legal Representation

crash2-300x199It’s a nightmare for every driver. You’re stopped at a red light. When you glance in your rear view mirror you see a car speeding toward you. The driver clearly doesn’t see the stopped traffic ahead of him. You tense up, knowing that an impact is inevitable. The collision delivers a powerful jolt to the car, and you are catapulted forward into the steering wheel.

Car accidents like these happen every day. If the at-fault driver was able to slow down before impact, then perhaps the damage to you and your car isn’t particularly extensive. Other car crash victims aren’t so fortunate. The driver that hit them never slowed down or only hit the brakes at the last second. As a result, the driver in the stopped car suffers serious injuries to their spine, extremities and head.

Insurance is unlikely to cover the cost of all of the damages in such a collision. Injuries that are this severe require ongoing medical care for an extended period of time. This is the time that you need a Las Vegas car crash lawyer.

The personal injury attorneys at the Potter Law Offices stand ready to defend your rights in court. If you have been injured in a car wreck, then contact the Potter Law Offices to inquire about a free initial consultation.