Workplace Discrimination Is Grounds for a Civil Lawsuit

Employee discrimination

State and federal laws are designed to protect everyone from discrimination. That’s especially true in the workplace where employers are prohibited from discriminating against employees based on their race, religion, sex or age among other factors.

Most organizations strive to comply with these laws. However, others are lax in their practices or just aren’t as vigilant as they could be. This means that an employee may have legal grounds to sue their employer for discrimination.

If you feel that you’ve been discriminated against by your employer, then the law offers you certain protections. It may be advisable for you to bring a discrimination lawsuit against the organization. Such lawsuits may address the discriminatory practice that personally affected you while also causing a company-wide change that ensures such a problem won’t occur again.

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Many discrimination lawsuits are settled before they go to trial. If this is the case, you’ll be glad that you hired the skilled negotiators at the Potter Law Offices to represent you. Contact them for a free consultation.