Can I Sue the State for a Personal Injury?

caraccidentvegasSuing the State Government for a Personal Injury

Many personal injury lawsuits are brought by one individual against another. Others involve an individual who takes on a business in order to claim compensation. However, Nevada law also makes it possible for citizens to bring a personal injury lawsuit against the state government.

As an example, consider the case of an individual who is taken into police custody. While being arrested the suspect receives a serious injury that requires medical attention. If the injuries are severe enough and the circumstances are right, then that individual may be able to sue the state government for damages.

As with all other personal injury matters in Nevada, the two year statute of limitations applies to cases in which the government is the adverse party. Unlike other personal injury lawsuits, cases against the government do not start out in civil court. Instead, they begin with filings to the Office of the Attorney General.

When you take on the state government, virtually the only thing you can be certain of is that they will have numerous expensive attorneys working on their side. If you are going to stand up to them, then you need aggressive, competent Las Vegas personal injury legal advice.

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