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The red areas highlight where brain damage could be happening.

The red areas highlight where brain damage could be happening.

Most traumatic brain injuries do not occur spontaneously. Rather, they have a discernible cause. All too often that cause is someone else’s negligence. If you have received a TBI and believe that someone else caused your injury, you need the help of a Las Vegas TBI attorneyMost TBIs happen as a result of a car or motorcycle accident. Others occur to pedestrians or bicycle riders. Even people who suffer a slip and fall may experience significant head trauma. Many of these injuries require months or years of ongoing medical treatment. In the most severe cases, the victim may never fully recover.

Sometimes the effects of a traumatic brain injury are immediately apparent. In other instances they do not manifest themselves for some time. People who have received a blow to the head and later experience significant personality alterations may be feeling the effects of a traumatic brain injury. Other symptoms of a TBI include memory loss, seizures, tinnitus, nausea, headaches and blurred vision. People who have such symptoms and think that they may be related to a head injury should seek immediate medical attention.

After being diagnosed, it is also helpful to consult with a Nevada traumatic brain injury attorney. The personal injury attorneys at the Potter Law Offices have experience with TBI victims. They have helped numerous people with significant head injuries recover compensation from the responsible party. There is a precise statute of limitations for filing personal injury lawsuits. Once this two-year period has expired, it may no longer be possible to seek compensation. Consult with a Las Vegas TBI attorney today.