Casino Injury? Call the Potter Law Offices!

Denver-casinoSeek Legal Advice After a Casino Injury

Millions of people come to Las Vegas every year to gamble. Even people who aren’t interested in gaming come into the casinos for other reasons. Shopping, dining, shows and exhibits are all offered, tempting an increasing number of customers to visit.

Whenever a business invites the public to its premises, just as casinos do 365 days a year, a few accidents are inevitable. What should you do if you are injured while visiting a Las Vegas casino?

The opportunities for injury at a casino are many. Slip and fall mishaps are the most commonly seen, but people may also sustain injuries from an assault, receive a burn at a restaurant or get food poisoning among an endless variety of other accidents.

Las Vegas’ casinos run like well-oiled machines. Administrative and security staff will aggressively push to resolve an injury claim without allowing the victim an opportunity to seek legal advice. Sometimes what the casino offers the injured party is fair. Other times it is not. Considering how difficult it is for the average person to determine whether or not the casino’s offer is adequate it is always best to seek the advice of a Las Vegas casino injury lawyer before agreeing to anything.

At the Potter Law Offices our practitioners are experienced with every kind of personal injury case from slip and falls to dog bites. If you have been injured in a Las Vegas casino, don’t let the management force you to accept a settlement without due consideration. Let our Nevada personal injury attorneys help you determine whether or not to accept that offer.