Consumer Product Liability Statute Retained by Governor

ProductGovernor Preserves Consumer Product Liability Rights

Earlier this year Governor Sandoval vetoed legislation that might have significantly altered the ability of Nevadans to hold retailers responsible for selling faulty products. Known as SB 161, the bill was passed by both the House and Senate before being defeated at the governor’s desk.

When a consumer is injured by a faulty product they have the right to sue any parties that might be responsible for the item’s defects. This may include the designer, manufacturer and even the seller of the product if the seller made alterations to it. These product liability laws provide consumers with protection and with a means of recovering damages if they are injured through use of a faulty product. If SB 161 had passed, Nevadans would not have been able to sue retailers of defective items. Proponents of the bill argued that retailers are often innocent in these cases while it is the manufacturers who should bear the responsibility.

Detractors argued that Nevada product liability lawyers often don’t know whether or not retailers are at fault until well into the discovery phase of litigation. Retailers can be dropped as defendants if it is discovered that they were not culpable for the defective product.

The governor appears to have agreed that Nevadans should continue to have the ability to hold retailers accountable for faulty goods. If you have been injured by a defective product, contact the product liability attorneys at the Potter Law Offices. They offer a free consultation during which they will evaluate your case to determine whether or not you may make a Las Vegas product liability claim.