Dog Bite Victim Able to Claim Due to Negligence

dogfightNegligence Laws Allow Dog Bite Victims to Recover Damages

A toddler who received dozens of puncture wounds and a crushed jaw after an attack by a dog is recuperating at Children’s Mercy Hospital. The dog had already been declared a dangerous animal. However, it’s owners had recently moved and failed to register the dog as dangerous. This meant that they were not in compliance with NRS 202.500, which pertains to the keeping of dangerous animals.

The Nevada courts may bring criminal charges against the owners of this particular dog. However, the toddler’s parents may also be entitled to sue for damages. Unlike other states, Nevada does not have a specific “dog bite” law. Nevertheless, it does have statutes protecting citizens from negligence.

The owners of this dog may have behaved negligently because they knew that their dog had a history of attacking people. If they had been exercising proper care, the dog would have been kenneled or otherwise prevented from having the ability to bite the toddler. The fact that the dog was loose and wandering the neighborhood certainly suggests negligence on the part of the owner. Moreover, the owners may have to accept more responsibility because of their refusal to comply with the law requiring them to inform their new community about their potentially dangerous dog.

Nevada may not have a dog bite law but that doesn’t mean an owner can’t be held legally responsible for the actions of a dangerous animal. If you or someone you love has been injured by a dog or other vicious animal, contact the personal injury attorneys at the Potter Law Offices to have your case reviewed.