Boating Accidents Have Serious Consequences

fuocoBoating Accidents Lead to Serious Injuries

Las Vegas might be virtually surrounded by deserts but boating accidents happen here. That’s because bodies of water like Lake Mead and the Colorado River draw locals and tourists. Nevada’s waterways are suitable for pleasure craft as well as speed boats and jet skis. People even kayak, canoe or swim in the state’s waters.

While the recreational possibilities are endless there are hazards involved with being on the water. Most of these relate to collisions. These can occur between two vessels or between a vessel and a submerged object. Sometimes a swimmer and a boat collide or someone being towed by a boat has a mishap. Even capsizing and explosions have been known to occur.

After a significant accident on the water, it’s important to file a Boating Accident Report, or BAR. As long as $2,000 or more in damage occurred and/or someone lost consciousness, required medical attention or was killed in the accident a BAR is an indispensable part of the process. The form is filled out and then sent to the Nevada Department of Wildlife Office.

After seeking medical attention and filing the BAR, finding a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer should be the next step. A Nevada boating accident lawyer can protect your interests if you have been injured while enjoying the water anywhere in the state. Negligent boaters can and should be held responsible for their actions. The Potter Law Offices has Las Vegas personal injury attorneys who have significant experience helping clients recover from accidents. They offer a free initial consultation so you can learn about your rights.