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Anyone can be a victim of a vehicle pedestrian hit and run

Anyone can be a victim of a vehicle pedestrian hit and run

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An increasing number of people are using bicycles to get around town. While this is good exercise it can be hazardous for drivers and cyclists. In fact, cyclists are often involved in accidents.

Sometimes a collision between a car and a cyclist is the fault of the driver. Perhaps they were distracted, speeding or ran a stop sign. Regardless, they were careless, and this recklessness caused them to run into a cyclist.

There are also times when a cyclist may be at fault in an accident with a car. A cyclist who was riding outside of an area designated for bicycles or who ignored a stop sign or who was riding the wrong way on a one way street may be responsible for a collision. Moreover, a cyclist who failed to wear a helmet or other safety gear may be at least partially responsible for the extent of their injuries.

Nevada is a fault state when it comes to collisions between drivers and cyclists. Generally, this means that one party will be found to be at fault in the accident, and can be held legally responsible for the damages suffered by the other party. There is a potential for both parties to be at least somewhat at fault, but usually one party is found to hold the brunt of the responsibility.

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