Rear End Car Crash – Who is at Fault?

Car AccidentWho Is At Fault in a Rear End Car Crash?

The rear end collision is one of the most common car accidents. Most people believe that the driver who strikes another car from the rear is always at fault. However, a number of things that the driver in front was doing at the time may be considered to contribute to the incident.

For instance, a driver who is aggressively cutting in and out of lanes may be at fault in a rear end accident if they cut off the car behind them, leaving the second driver with little opportunity to hit the brakes. A car that has faulty brake lights may also bear at least partial responsibility if another car rear ends them. Aggressive braking by the driver of the front car may also be to blame for a crash. The driver of the front car may similarly be partially to blame if they put their car in reverse on the road. This situation most often happens when a driver pulls out too far into an intersection. They reverse to get out of traffic without checking for vehicles behind them.

Clearly, the driver of the car that rear ends another is not always completely at fault in these collisions. Determining who is at fault in a rear end car crash requires a great deal of investigation and expertise. With the help of a Las Vegas car crash lawyer it becomes easier to determine who was at fault. Contact the Potter Law Offices for competent, aggressive representation for personal injury cases involving car accidents. This Las Vegas car accident law firm can help you recover damages.