Personal Injury Statute of Limitations

Deadline Business Time ConceptThe Nevada Statute of Limitations for Filing a Personalf Injury Lawsuit

If you have been injured in an accident and you believe that someone else caused those injuries, then you may make a personal injury claim against them. Essentially, this lets you hold the other party legally and financially responsible for the damage you suffered. However, you must act within a predetermined time period if you wish to file a lawsuit.

A number of things compete for your attention after you’re involved in an accident. Your first concern is your physical well being. Your time will be taken up with doctor appointments, physical therapy and possibly even a surgery. At the same time you’re concerned about paying the bills and the welfare of your family. A great deal of time can pass as you deal with these important issues. Unfortunately, the statute of limitations on your ability to file a Nevada personal injury lawsuit is also passing.

Nevada law requires that personal injury lawsuits be filed within two years of the date of the accident. There are a few rare exceptions to this time limit, meaning that you may be entitled to a longer period within which you could file a lawsuit. However, it is very difficult to meet the requirements of these extensions, and the vast majority of cases simply don’t qualify. Accordingly, it’s important to act as soon as you can after sustaining an injury.

Contact the Las Vegas personal injury lawyers at the Potter Law Offices to learn more about the statute of limitations that applies in your case. With their assistance you may receive compensation from the party that caused your injuries.