Bad Faith Insurance Issue?

SplintWhat is Bad Faith in Insurance?

When most people buy insurance, they hope they never need it. However, life happens. When it does, it often results in damages or injuries that should be covered by insurance. That policy is a contract between the insurer and the customer. If the customer believes the insurer isn’t acting within the bounds of that contract, then they may consult with an attorney about a bad faith insurance matter.

A bad faith insurance dispute can arise in numerous ways and can involve any kind of policy. Life insurance, automobile insurance, business insurance and homeowner’s insurance are just a few examples. Usually, the policy holder suffers an accident or loss, prompting them to file a claim. The insurer may conduct an investigation regarding the validity of the claim, but as long as the damages are in line with the covered items in the policy payment should be prompt.

Unfortunately, insurance companies try hard to pay as little as possible. They’ll stretch or distort the facts to make it seem as if the loss isn’t covered by the policy. They may delay payment or completely deny responsibility. This behavior can turn into a major headache for the policy holder.

If you feel that your insurance company is exercising bad faith practices, you don’t have to face them alone. Contact the Potter Law Offices to help you with your Nevada insurance bad faith claim.