What is a Personal Injury Case?

Cal Potter - Personal Injury Lawyer

Cal Potter – Personal Injury Lawyer

What are Personal Injury Cases?

Personal injuries cases are the most common legal cases in America, and they result in millions of court cases every year. Personal injuries occur because of no fault of the victim; they typically occur because of the negligence of the defendant. The cases can be extremely complicated with two or more defendants and medical bills, property damage and repayment for missed time at work, so if you have been injured in an accident, you need an efficient and persuasive attorney to represent you in either mediation or court.

Potter Law Firm has over 30 years of experience in personal injury cases. The team of lawyers that make up the firm has won hundreds of personal injury cases because they realize that no two are alike. A personal injury typically happens unexpectedly, which brings about trauma in addition to the injuries themselves. It is important that the incident is reported quickly and that the person injured receives proper medical care, so the authorities can discover the facts.

Accidents occur every day in car, truck or motorcycle accidents, slips and falls in public places, construction accidents, hotel/casino accidents and more, and these situations can be horrendous. When you or someone you love has been seriously injured, it is the personal injury attorney who wins the compensation that is needed to set your life back on track again. Contact Potter Law Office for a free consultation.