Dog Bites and Animal Attacks Deserve Direct Attention

dog-78117_640In Las Vegas, a person a person is bitten by a dog that is not properly leashed, they may have the right to legally recover damages because of the owner’s negligence. An animal bite of attack is equally as serious as any other accident, and if the damages can’t be settled with the owner of the animal, you may require a personal injury lawyer from Potter Law Offices. Our team of lawyers have the experience and skill to represent you in mediation or court.

Here are three steps to take as soon as the injury occurred.

• The first action you should take if you have been bitten or attacked by an animal is to get medical attention so that the physician can determine the severity of the injury.
• The second action is to determine who is the owner of the animal if you do not already know. This is important for several reasons, but primarily you need to know if the dog has had a rabies vaccination, and you need to get this information to your physician immediately.
• Thirdly, the owner may be willing to settle on the damages in order to prevent going to court, but if not, contact Potter Law for a free consultation on the accident.