Does Workman’s Comp Really Help Me in an Accident?

car-wrecked-845143_640Accidents happen every day at work, and millions of people put in claims to Workman’s Comp every year across the U.S. These injuries range in severity from serious construction accidents to slips and falls in the office that occur because of unsafe conditions. But, whatever the accident that you may have been involved in, we know that it has made an impact in your life.

Our personal injury lawyers care about your pain and though you could go through this on your own, we are prepared to help you with the recovery of your time and financial losses that you endured.

The first place you or your employer will contact is Workman’s Comp, which is required by law. Workman’s Compensation is the national agency designated by the government to monitor all accidents in the workplace.

The problem with only relying on Workman’s Comp is that they know all the laws and statutes concerning injuries in the workplace, and they will use that information so that they pay out the least amount possible. They typically repay 60 percent of the losses that are incurred, and you are left with the remaining 40 percent of the bills.

Potter Law Offices does not believe this is fair for their clients, and our team will fight for 100 percent compensation.