Product Liability Cases can be Complicated

shaking-hands-96298_640Potter Law Offices has personal injury lawyers that you can trust because of the experience and skill that is required to successfully litigate product liability cases. Product Liability law is complicated and handled differently from other personal injury cases. The attorney may have to take two to three separate entities to trial to be responsible for the negligence that caused the injury.

Your personal injury lawyer is responsible for determining where the fault lies, and it will likely be one of these three reasons that your case will go to court.

!) The defect is in the original design.
2) The fault happened in the manufacturing.
3) Or, there were defects that occurred in the marketing of the product.

According to the law, the product must be directly related to the manufacturer, but an efficient lawyer will follow sub-cases. For instance, in hip or knee replacements the defective product has caused severe injury because of the original design, and/or the way it was marketed. In these cases, the victim may attain a lawyer immediately, they do not have to wait until the product is recalled.

If the product has been fully established in retail, the marketing company may also be liable. The victim needs an excellent personal injury lawyer who is experienced in handling product liability cases. If a class lawsuit is formed against such a product, Potter Law Firm can assist with those too.