Accident Tips

Car AccidentTips to Remeber When there is an Accident that is Not Your Fault

There can be slippery conditions everywhere in a busy city, so always be on guard especially in places like retail stores, auto shops, casinos, and restaurants. If a slippery area has caused you or someone you know to fall and be injured, then there are certain legal options open to you. Potter Law Firm has a team of experience personal injury lawyers that are experts in these types of accidents. Contact Potter Law Firm for a free consultation to discuss the accident and learn your rights.

It is important to have some tips to use when you are injured on commercial property.

1) Look for witnesses and obtain their names and phone numbers.
2) Take pictures of the scene and the injuries with your cell phone.
3) Get the names of the manager and owner.
4) Do not offer any statements about the accident or your condition.
5) Seek medical attention immediately.

With this information, your lawyer is able to begin his investigation. Cal Potter recommends that you bring any evidence that you have and discuss what happened and your legal options with one of our expert personal injury lawyers. There is no reason why the victim should be held responsible when their life has been turned upside down. Potter Law Firm will assist you in recovering your losses.