Helicopter and Small Plane Accident Lawyer

rescue-helicopter-61009_640Small Planes and Helicopters

In the Las Vegas area, many people take small planes or helicopters for sightseeing or to travel across the desert to the mountains and accidents do occur. Most accidents happen when the aircraft is taking off or landing, but some do happen in mid-air. The National Transportation Safety Board, NTSB and the Federal Aviation Administration, FAA, recorded more than 150 helicopter accidents by civilians last year with about 30 of them fatal. It is very unfortunate that these types of accidents always include severe injuries.

There are three main reasons for a helicopter or small plane accidents.

1) Mechanical Malfunction, which refers to the failure of some component of the aircraft, and could refer to improper design, it was never tested or it was manufactured with poor quality materials. Improper use could also be the fault.
2) Operational Error or human error, typically the pilot.
3) Electrical Malfunction, which refers to some type of malfunction in the electrical system including an electrical short, inadequate design or poor quality control.

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