TBI Injuries in Las Vegas

Head InjuryTraumatic Brain Injuries Require Intensive Treatment

Traumatic brain injuries are not the most common injury, but it is a very extensive injury. This condition is defined as a brain dysfunction that is caused by an outside force, typically a violent blow to the head, which can happen in many kinds of accidents. It is a complex injury that needs a physician’s diagnosis because of the wide range of symptoms and disabilities that accompany it.

When a collision has occurred to the head, the victim will transition from shock to despair to trying to analyse the accident to make it real to them. This injury needs to be taken very seriously, and if TBI has occurred in an accident where the victim was not at fault, an experienced personal injury attorney needs to be contacted as soon as possible to assist with recovering the loss that has been incurred.

Treatment for someone suffering from a TBI is extensive, and the process has several steps.

1) Diagnosis and initial treatment
2) Rehabilitative treatment including physical and mental therapy.
3) Acute treatment
4) Surgical Treatment to relieve tumors or blood compression
5) Supportive Care for every day concerns.
6) Long term recovery

Potter Law Firm in Las Vegas has a team of personal injury lawyers who have experience in trying cases of TBI. With a free consultation, you are able to discuss the details of the accident and learn of your rights.