Injured in a DUI Accident? Get Protection!

caraccidentvegasInjuries in DUI Accidents Deserve an Expert Personal Injury Lawyer

Las Vegas is the largest city in Nevada with a population of almost 604,000. Las Vegas is known as the Entertainment Capital of the World and as an international resort city that never sleeps. With a reputation like this, you can imagine that DUI accidents in Vegas are tragic and happen often.

Last year, there were over 6,000 arrests made for DUI with approximately 250 fatalities occurring in DUI accidents. In a 24/7 city, you know that DUIs occur at all times of day or night, and they have serious consequences. So many of the DUI accidents involve tourists who have incurred major injuries. If this has happened to you or someone you know, you need to talk to a professional personal injury attorney who is also compassionate to your injuries. The team of skilled and experienced attorneys at Potter Law Firm are understanding and take the time to listen to your issues, but they are expert trial lawyers who are successful in winning the compensation that you need.

If someone crashed into your vehicle while under the influence, you have a right to bring them to court with a skilled lawyer. Litigation is a skill that can’t be learned in college, and Potter Law Firm has successful lawyers who benefit their clients.