Helicopter Crashes Cause Serious Injuries

helicopter-776720_640Helicopter Crashes Lead to Serious Injuries and Death

Las Vegas promises many opportunities for excitement and fun. In addition to gambling and shows, many tourists opt to take one of the many tours that are available in the area. Helicopter rides are among the most popular Las Vegas tours. Unfortunately, some people who take these flights get more excitement than they bargained for.

That was the case for some customers of Papillon Helicopters who purchased a sightseeing tour over the Grand Canyon. Their aircraft crashed into Grand Wash Cliffs, killing nearly everyone on board. One passenger managed to survive. Newspapers reports say that the company has had a total of 15 accidents since 1985, in which a total of 11 people have died. Papillon operates in both Las Vegas and Hawaii with its pilots logging thousands of hours in both locations. Incidents such as these crashes are relatively rare but nonetheless tragic. Mechanical failure is the most likely culprit in these accidents, although pilot error may play a role in some.

If you or a loved one has been hurt or killed in a helicopter accident, then you need the help of a Las Vegas tour injury attorney. Our law firm has represented dozens of clients who experienced a personal injury while on a tour in Nevada as well as surviving family members whose loved ones were killed in tragic accidents. Contact us to have your case evaluated.