Las Vegas Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers

slip-up-709045_640 (1)Slip and Fall Hazards Are Everywhere

Most people aren’t surprised that the majority of a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer’s practice is devoted to car accidents. However, they are surprised to learn that slip and fall accidents are the second most-frequently seen cause of serious injuries.

That’s because slip and fall accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. In Las Vegas, they happen most frequently in casinos. The combination of lots of foot traffic, inattention, alcohol and a variety of hazards contribute to these incidents. Slip and fall injuries also occur on sidewalks, at the mall, in grocery stores and in residences. That’s a lot of opportunities for people to hurt themselves in slip and fall accidents.

Many of the injuries caused by the accidents are not minor. Broken or sprained wrists and ankles are perhaps the most common, but some people receive a spinal injury. Others hit their head on a hard, unforgiving surface, leaving them susceptible to a traumatic brain injury. Some people are fortunate enough to suffer only minor injuries. On the other hand, some people will require weeks or months of recuperation time.

If you have been injured in a fall, then you need the assistance of a Nevada slip and fall attorney. You can trust your case to the experienced practitioners at this firm. We have represented dozens of slip and fall accident victims, and we can provide the same assistance to you.