Fitbit in Personal Injury Cases

smart-watch-889639_640Can Fitness Trackers Be Used as Evidence in Personal Injury Suits?

If you’re like many people, then you may have received a Fitbit or similar device during the holidays. Unlike traditional pedometers, these devices don’t just track how many steps you take every day. Instead, they are able to keep track of vast amounts of data that might include blood pressure, sleeping habits and similar statistics.

A Canadian personal injury lawsuit is about to break new ground by presenting Fitbit data as evidence that an injured personal trainer is no longer able to be as active as she was before her accident. The plaintiff’s data is likely to be presented along with data culled from thousands of similar users. People who wear a Fitbit are able to track a number of fitness measures, and these can be uploaded to the Internet on a regular basis.

Time will tell if similar evidence will be used in U.S. courts. However, it seems like a novel idea that could concretely demonstrate to juries just how an injured person’s life has altered since they were hurt. Instead of merely testifying that they used to run 40 miles every week and now have difficulty walking a mile a day, these facts can now be shown to the court with quantifiable proof.

If you have been hurt and are having difficulty recovering from your injuries, contact a Nevada personal injury lawyer today to have your case evaluated.