Injuries Caused by Casino Personnel

las-vegas-225597_640Many people come to Las Vegas to have a good time, but sometimes the fun gets out of hand. When casino security personnel or nightclub bouncers get rough with patrons, serious injuries can occur. If you’ve been hurt in this kind of incident, then you need the assistance of an experienced casino injury attorney. Contact us using our online form or give us a call. We have the knowledge, connections and experience you need to achieve a good result.

The high-stakes excitement of Las Vegas casinos seems to be a breeding ground for hazards. With adrenaline running high and alcohol flowing freely, it’s not too hard for things to get out of control. It’s the job of security personnel and bouncers to ensure the safety of all casino guests. Unfortunately, sometimes casinos don’t hire enough security personnel or those staff members are inadequately trained. This can lead to incidents where patrons are treated with unwonted brutality, sometimes causing serious injuries.

People who are the victims of casino injuries may suffer from various contusions and lacerations. On rare occasions, someone will suffer a broken nose or other more serious wound. If you believe that casino personnel has behaved too aggressively toward you, contact our Las Vegas casino injury lawyers today. We’ll evaluate your situation and offer you thoughtful advice on how you can hold the casino personnel responsible for their actions.