What to do after a car crash

accident-1128236_640How to React to a Las Vegas Car Crash

If you’re ever in a car crash, you won’t be at your best immediately after it happens. You’ll be shaken and confused. You may also be injured. What you do next will be important with regard to the success or failure of any car crash personal injury claim you might make.

Nevada law requires that drivers remain at the accident scene. This is important whether you believe you are at fault or not. Leaving the scene always has legal repercussions, and breaking this law may make it difficult for you to make a claim against the other driver even if they were at fault. Since you have to stay at the scene, it makes sense to do some investigating as long as you are physically able to.

Start with checking on the status of your passengers, and look in on the driver and passengers in the other vehicle. Call the police if this has not been done, but minimize your interaction with the other driver. The police will get the story from you and the other driver independently. They will also interview any witnesses, and you might want to talk to witnesses too so you can get their perspective on the collision.

Contact a Las Vegas car crash attorney if you were injured in an accident. It may be possible for you to receive financial compensation from an at-fault driver.