Daycare Injuries in Las Vegas

Make sure your precious child is taken care of!

Make sure your precious child is taken care of!

Watching a child is a serious task for anyone to take on.  We have seen an uptick in daycare injury cases over the last year or two. When you take your child to a daycare, you expect them to be taken care of well.

There are some crazy things that happen in cases like daycare injuries:

  • We have seen kids get doors slammed in their faces
  • We have seen a case where a baby died and suffocated
  • We have seen kids get hit
  • We have seen children not be fed
  • We have seen many other issues we would rather not bring up in this simple blog post

Ultimately, most daycares try and do a great job.  Some others hire the wrong staff and others are run by bad people.  Our goal as attorneys is not just to try and win cases and help restitution happen, but we also believe there is a social benefit to our taking cases like this.  We love to help those who are victims get the justice they deserve.  Some of this will be financial, some will be counseling, but at the end of the day our goal is to help you get your life back on track.

Give us a call if your child has suffered abuse at the hands of a daycare.