Don’t Trust Insurance Companies to Pay You for Injuries

personal injuryMost people don’t hire a personal injury attorney right after being in a car accident. They assume that insurance covers the expenses associated with their medical treatment. Plus, in cases where one driver was clearly at fault, it seems like a no-brainer that the at-fault driver’s insurance would pay the bills. Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case.

Insurance companies always try to settle for as little as possible. Many experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorneys have worked with clients whose medical bills exceeded $20,000. The Nevada state minimum for an insurance policy limit is $15,000, so it seems logical to assume that the at-fault driver’s insurance company would pay the policy limit. Maddeningly, insurance companies offer well below that amount. It’s not unusual for insurers to counter a demand for $15,000 with an offer for about $1,000.

That is where lawyers who take personal injury cases in Las Vegas come in. We are familiar with the tactics that insurance companies use in an effort to pay out as little as possible. Typically, when we file a lawsuit, the insurance company capitulates pretty quickly. That is something they simply won’t do unless they are threatened with expensive, risky litigation.

Hiring a Nevada personal injury lawyer is your best opportunity to receive compensation for your injuries. Insurance companies often don’t play by the rules, and you need someone to level the playing field. If you have been hurt in an accident and the insurance companies are refusing to pay you, call the Potter Law Offices for reliable legal advice.