Las Vegas False Arrest Attorneys

policeIf you are the victim of a false arrest, then you may be able to file a lawsuit against the police. First, it’s important to define false arrest.

False arrest is a situation in which a victim is held against their will. This is considered a crime in addition to being a civil harm. Accordingly, you are able to bring a civil lawsuit in response to this action. The definition of false arrest involves police personnel acting beyond the scope of their authority. This means that arresting someone on scant evidence is not necessarily a false arrest. As an example, an arrest that is made based on a sworn statement made by another individual may be perfectly reasonable and legal. If it turns out that the sworn statement was a lie, then the arrest may turn out to be a bad one, but it is not a false one because the arresting officer was acting within the bounds of his authority and had an arrest warrant signed by a judge.

However, a false arrest is not the same thing as a bad arrest. Examples of a false arrest might include situations where an officer arrested someone for being insulting or for doing something that wasn’t illegal, but that the officer didn’t like. Neither insulting an officer nor doing something the officer dislikes is illegal. If he makes an arrest for these actions, then it is a false arrest.

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