Dangerous Drugs Have Life-Changing Consequences for Patients

drugWhen you are sick, you rely on your doctor to provide safe, high-quality care. This often includes prescription drugs. U.S. law requires testing before drugs are allowed to be used by consumers. Most of the time this system works. Nonetheless, certain dangerous drugs do find their way onto the marketplace.

The danger from these prescription drugs may come from their side effects. Sometimes, these side effects are as bad as or worse than the initial condition that the drug was supposed to treat. In fact, sometimes these side effects are so dangerous that they are actually life threatening. Other drugs may put patients at risk for developing other, entirely separate medical issues. Either way, the health and safety of the patient are put in jeopardy.

Dangerous drugs that may have adversely affected you or a loved one are used to treat a wide variety of health concerns. A diabetes drug known as Actos and the Depo-Provera birth control injection have both been linked to an increased risk of developing certain types of cancer. Patients who have taken low-testosterone therapies or kidney dialysis drugs may be more prone to cardiovascular injuries or side effects like strokes and heart attacks. While prescription drug Lipitor may help to bring cholesterol numbers under control, it can also put patients at a higher risk of developing diabetes.

If you have taken any of these or other drugs and suffered negative side effects, then you need to talk to a Las Vegas dangerous drug attorney. You may be eligible to receive financial compensation for your injuries.