First Time Auto Accident

Car damaged in accident Frontal impact

Tips for Persons Injured in Auto Accidents the First-time

Many car crashes happen to people who have never been injured in an accident before, so they never had to deal with insurance companies in this dimension. It is possible that an insurance company may use your inexperience against you to minimize the amount they pay you. Their job is to settle every case for the least amount they can.

Here are five important tips to know about your claim.

1) Don’t provide any statements concerning the accident or your injuries to anyone, until you have consulted with an attorney.
2) Regardless of who’s at fault, use your PIP, personal injury protection, coverage.
3) Never accept a quick check because-because it will be the smallest amount and, if your injuries prove to be more serious than expected, you can’t go back.
4) Never believe promises from either insurance company. Contact a personal injury attorney to determine your rights.
5) For your own personal wellbeing, follow through with all medical care making sure to retain all bills and records. Insurance typically pays 60-65 percent.; only a lawyer can obtain the full amount of your losses.

The first time a car accident results in a personal injury, the situation may seem overwhelming. Stick with the five tips, and schedule a free consultation with Potter Law Firm, to discuss the details of your accident.