Product Liability Laws Protect Us

personal injuryNevada’s Product Liability Laws Protect Consumers

Is it just an urban legend or is it really possible for your cell phone to give you cancer? When you think about it, the potential for cell phones to cause cancer sounds fairly plausible. All sorts of waves are radiating from your phone as you use it, and when you think of how it is always with you, the whole scenario can start to sound pretty ominous.

That’s especially true when researchers suggest that cell phones have caused an uptick in cancer among research animals. Still, there’s not a lot of evidence that supports throwing away your cell phone today. The researchers also note that the amount of cancer-causing radiation that cell phones emit is actually quite minimal. Moreover, cell phone manufacturers build their products using technology that makes it possible to block most radiation from reaching users.

However, what happens if a cell phone manufacturer fails in their duty to produce items that have sufficient safeguards against radiation? Isn’t it plausible that such a manufacturer might have some liability if their customers start developing cancer in unusual numbers?

It is situations like this that make Nevada’s product liability laws so important to public health and safety. If you have been injured by a faulty product, contact the Las Vegas personal injury lawyers at the Potter Law Offices today.