Whiplash and Las Vegas Car Accidents

driverWhiplash and Las Vegas Car Accidents

Traffic accidents are frightening. Many drivers consider themselves lucky when there is minimal damage and no obvious signs of injury. However, it’s not unusual to have an injury show up a few hours or even days after an accident.

These injuries aren’t things like broken bones. Instead, they are typically represented by damage to the spine, neck and head. Whiplash is one common example of this type of injury. A collision causes the neck to snap or jerk violently, and although the victim feels all right in the immediate aftermath of the incident, the pain becomes unbearable the next day. A trip to the doctor is inevitable, and this may be followed up by weeks or months of physical therapy and chiropractor appointments.

The trouble is that all of those treatments cost money, and insurance does not cover every expense. Even worse, it may be necessary to take time away from work while you heal from your injuries. If someone else was at fault in the accident and responsible for your injuries, then it stands to reason that they should compensate you for your losses.

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