Why Dog Bites Need to Be Reported

dog-782498_640Dog Bites Need to be Reported

When someone is bitten by a dog, there are actions that need to be taken immediately, even if the dog belongs to a friend or family member.

1) If the skin has been cut, the victim needs to find out if the animal is current on their shots. This is imperative because rabies is serious.
2) The injury needs medical attention for proper treatment if it is serious.
3) If the bite is serious, a personal injury attorney should be contacted to discuss the details and damages that you have incurred.

If the dog is owned by someone you know, don’t feel bad. If adequate actions aren’t taken, a child could be severely hurt.

Nevada Laws on Animals

In Nevada, it is illegal to allow either cats or dogs out of the house without a leash or the animal must be contained on the property. Nevada Law also states that the owner may be held liable in civil court for the damages that their animal inflicts, and if the dog has a history of aggression, there can be criminal charges.

Nevada is one of 18 states that has a “one bite” law still on the law books. This means is that if the dog has never been documented as being aggressive, then the owner may not be held liable. Evidence from eyewitnesses will help the case, such as barking or growling at strangers, complaints from others or previous documentation of fighting other dogs.