Personal Injury Lawyer in Las Vegas

Compensation claim.Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer with Workers Comp?

Employees are injured in the workplace every day, and while some are very minor, others are serious and need extensive medical attention. Workmen’s Compensation is required in every business, but it is simply another form of insurance that is required by the government for injuries that occur on the premises. As we have explained before,l insurance companies are committed to reaching the lowest possible settlement in every case.

If you are injured at work, always report it to the supervisor, and management will report it for Workman’s Comp. Here are some guidelines to use when deciding to contact a personal injury attorney.

• There are plenty of incidents where it’s not necessary to contact a lawyer. For instance, if you didn’t miss any time from work or you will be back to your regular position in several days. The state of Nevada defines the temporary partial disability for injured employees to be if they will be out of work five days or less. But if you are feeling unsure, contact a qualified personal injury attorney who is experienced in Workman’s Compensation laws, and discuss the details.

• The following are reasons where it would definitely benefit you to contact an experienced lawyer: if required surgery is required, you would want to dispute a decision that was not made in the favor, you suspect that you are entitled to additional benefits, or you have been denied medical benefits.