At Fault Accidents in Las Vegas

Car damaged in accident Frontal impact

Determing the Fault in an Accident is Significant in Nevada

In an accident with injuries, it is crucial for a Las Vegas personal injury attorney to discover who was the driver at fault and responsible for the damages. If a lawyer can’t prove who was at fault, then there is no case and no recovery for losses. The state of Nevada does not use the no-fault policy for insurance claims that some states do.

An experienced car accident attorney has a process for determining the fault in a crash with a car, truck or motorcycle, and it involves several steps. The personal injury attorney must use solid evidence in figuring out the fault in the case, and that could include any or all of these:
• Traffic citations that were issued following the accident.
• The findings on the police report.
• Any witnesses who saw the accident such as store employees, typically those who are not related to the drivers.
• The condition of the road at the scene. Eyewitnesses can help with this.
• Was there a distraction for one of the drivers, were either of the vehicles speeding or were the drivers intoxicated? All of these facts are used to assess the situation and determine who was responsible.

Anyone who is able can collect some of the most important information by using their cell phone and a piece of paper.