Police Policy Regarding Accidents

CrashMetro Changed its Policy in Responding to Fender-Benders

Las Vegas is a phenomenal tourist destination with over 40 million tourists visiting annually, but it also has over 600,000 residents. Together, this creates a huge amount of traffic accidents at all hours of the day or night. About a year ago, Las Vegas Metro Police changed its response to road accidents; they no longer are responding to fender benders and accidents with only property damage.

This requires drivers to hold more responsibility when they were obviously not at fault or believe they were not at fault, especially if they want to obtain a lawyer. What this means is that the initial gathering of the evidence falls into the hands of the drivers, so if you feel the accident was not your fault, pull out your cell phone and paper and pen and get the numbers and insurance information of the other driver and those around the scene. Then, take many pictures as possible because each one speaks 1,000 words.

In all accidents, call 911, and the dispatcher will decide. Metro will respond to the following situations:

• A hit and run
• Accidents with injuries or fatalities
• Drivers with no driver’s license, registration or proof of insurance
• Drivers under the influence of any substance including alcohol
• A disabled vehicle on the roadside
• An uncooperative driver

This change in policy only affects areas patrolled by Metro.