Bus Accidents have Several Possible Responsible Parties

busaccidentBus accidents happen daily across the country and in cities like Las Vegas where 42 million tourists visit every year, they occur more frequently. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that bus accidents with fatalities occur over 300 times a year and accidents with injuries occurring more frequently. A serious accident involving a bus, whether it was a pedestrian hit or another vehicle the result could be death.

A wrongful death or a personal injury case are both built on the premise that the accident occurred because of no fault of yours.

In a bus accident, the responsible party could actually be in five separate categories: other negligent drivers on the road, the bus management company, the bus maintenance, other civil agencies and, of course, the bus driver. It is up to your personal injury attorney to investigate and evaluate where the fault lies, so you can be compensated.

It is important to have health insurance, so the injured person can be treated immediately, but you can’t rely on insurance to cover all of the bills. National insurance companies are in the business of settling every case typically at 60-65 percent of the total. They do not cover pain and suffering or wages from missed work. If you have suffered, you deserve to be fully compensated, and you’ll need a qualified personal injury lawyer.

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