What to do When Facing Medical Malpractice

medical-emergencyWhen you have been hurt or injured as the result of a negligent medical person or facility, you shouldn’t look at medical malpractice as something that you have to deal with on your own; it is too difficult. The legal team at Potter Law Firm is here to represent and advise you on the legal issues that are involved.

The term “negligence” is determined by whether the same services would be obtained in another facility. Health care practitioners are human, but if they have acted without regard to a health situation, the patient is entitled to medical recovery for their losses.

Below are five steps that a patient can take before they call a qualified personal injury attorney.

1. Contact the medical facility where the problem occurred to let them know of your dissatisfaction.
2. Contact the Board or Authority over the practitioner.
3. Find out the statute of limitations of your particular issue. A personal injury lawyer can help you with this.
4. Confirm your case with a Certificate of Merit. Typically, the patient would see another physician who verifies that the first healthcare professional deviated from treatment procedures to cause you harm. Your personal injury lawyer will then file it for you to substantiate your case.
5. Contact an experienced personal injury attorney to continue your case. This is only a beginning.

Finding a qualified medical malpractice attorney can mean the difference between receiving the compensation you deserve for your injuries and walking away empty-handed. Medical negligence is a violation of Nevada law and an experienced lawyer is needed.