If you are a Veteran in Las Vegas, be Aware of the Veteran’s Disability Benefits You are Entitled to

VeteranWe can’t thank our soldiers and veterans enough for the service they give our country, and when they come home, they deserve to have the best life possible after sacrificing their time and energy. Some of our military personnel placed their lives on the line very day and because of their injuries, today they are they are addicted to the use of narcotic pain killers.

Walter Redd Army Hospital surveyed 2,600 soldiers, anonymously. Here are the results.

• 44 percent reported chronic pain for 3 months after arriving home from Iraq or Afghanistan.
• Soldiers are four times more likely to use prescription narcotics than civilians.
• The primary cause of chronic pain is from combat, and these soldiers are twice as likely to take narcotic painkillers as those who never saw combat.
• Veterans who are diagnosed with PTSD are twice as likely to have chronic pain.
• 55 percent of Veterans reported they suffered daily pain.
• 48 percent, almost half, said that the pain lasted over a year

The lieutenant in charge of this study noted that many more soldiers go with no treatment whatsoever because of the rampant peer pressure that still believes that showing pain is a sign of weakness.

Researchers lauded the U.S. Department of Defense for considering alternative solutions for pain management including acupuncture, yoga, tai chi and music therapy to enhance or even replace treatment with narcotic painkillers if possible and appropriate.

If you are a veteran struggling with chronic pain and/or painkiller addiction, discuss your treatment with the Veterans Administration, and contact the lawyers at Potter Law Firm concerning veteran’s disability benefits.