Bicycles are Getting More Attention in Clark County

BicyclingBicycling is one of the most environmentally-friendly ways to get both exercise and a mode of transportation around your neighborhood. Bicycling saves on gas while it boosts your cardiovascular health, and Las Vegas is becoming more biker-friendly every year.

When sharing the roadway, there is always a tremendous risk with larger, heavier and faster vehicles. but the Las Vegas area has made significant improvements in the last few years improve bicycle travels.

The city has expanded the law in vehicles passing bicycles; there must now be a distance of three feet when a vehicle passes a bicycle rider. Also, the quality of bike lanes is being improved as well as the number of bike lanes is being increased in Clark County.

In Nevada, motorists must follow these laws.
• Not intentionally interfere with someone lawfully riding a bicycle.
• Must pass a person riding a bicycle safely.
• Do not drive in bike lanes
• Yield the right of way to bicycle riders.
• Exercise extreme care to avoid a collision with a bicycle. Always use the horn as a warning to avoid a collision.

In 2012, the NHTSA recorded over 49,000 bike injuries occurred and 726 of those individuals lost their lives due to a collision.

When bicycles are involved in auto accidents or truck collisions, the biker has an extremely high potential of obtaining injuries that are very serious or even fatal. Statistics about bicycle accidents prove that the majority of accidents with motor vehicles result in injuries.