To Prevent Fatal Accidents, Metro Police will not be Called to Minor Traffic Accidents

trafficOn March 3rd, the Metro Traffic Bureau made a surprising announcement. Capt. Mark Tavarez reported that Metro patrol officers will no longer respond to fender-bender accidents. Unless they are serious and include injuries, Metro will be redirecting their officers to other situations.

This sounds absurd, but the reason for this new policy will benefit the community. Metro officers reported 113 fatal accidents last year, which was an increase from 2013. The new policy will allow approximately 250 hours a week for more police presence with law enforcement and traffic violations in order to prevent serious crashes and reduce fatal accidents. The goal is to prevent serious accidents in the Las Vegas area by creating a safer traffic flow.

Metro police force has been stretched to its limits for the past 18 months because there have been 30 fewer traffic officers. What this policy amounts to is prioritizing within the department. Metro leaders believe that it will prevent more severe collisions. Officers will still respond to hit-and-run accidents, accidents with injuries and accidents where drivers will not exchange information on their own.

With the new policy in effect, Nevada drivers in minor accidents should:

• Move the vehicles to the side of the road
• Exchange insurance information
• Send a report to the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles within 10 days.

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