New Prison Reforms to Improve Prisoners

lockPrison reform is gradually improving around the country, but it is bringing an awareness to the public of what was once called acceptable. Reform is revealing what had become the normal condition before.

The rate of recidivism in America, which is the rate in which prisoners are reconvicted and re-entered into the system, is one of the highest in the world, and it’s not because the ex-prisoners can’t wait to get back into prison again.

Unfortunately, the U.S. has some of the most inhumane prisons in the world, which then results in the highest recidivism rates of over 50 percent.

When individuals are treated inhumanely, their incarceration does not allow them to achieve any positive achievement. The incarcerated become traumatized under the improper conditions, and they cannot grasp rehabilitation or new discipline.

Below are the seven reforms that prison advocates have established in the federal prison system so far.

1) Safe drinking water
2) Protection against LGBT inmates
3) A new bill was passed in 2015 that allows judges to abandon minimum mandatory sentences for drug-related, non-violent offenses.
4) Reducing overcrowding in overpopulated prison by releasing those with lower sentences; which creates more “room” for inmates.
5) Children should not be put in solitary confinement, Over 10,000 inmates were affected and released by this regulation in federal prisons. Hopefully, state institutions will follow.
6) Free access to feminine hygiene products for female prisoners, which is long overdue.
7) In October, the FCC established a cap on the cost of phone calls at 11 cents a minute. Inmates had often paid outrageous rates to call their friends and family, sometimes up to $14 a minute!